Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm pretty glad with how the K turned out today.  I feel so blessed to have Etsy to work with and being able to stay home with Jaren is wonderful. 

Its up on Etsy now. If anyone wants a custom one I have plenty of Dictionary left!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Candle Light

Last night was a candle lit evening with, myself. My mom was on the phone with me after my toddler and 4am-waking husband went to bed. I decided to take some photos of the candle light while the wind roared around the corners of our building.

I loved having the candle light and may try to enjoy it more often plus save on energy costs. I got the candles and holders at hobby lobby half-off. The Tazo tea bottle was too nice to recycle and I'm glad I kept it. I will have to figure out how to steady the candle in it and hold it as it burns down.

I was surprised at how nice it was to sit in the simple glow of the candle's flame. What a blessing from 'bad' weather.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheap As Free

I got some free shopping in this afternoon. My neighbor moved out yesterday and she decided to get rid of all this stuff in the dumpster. It would have been more comfortable going to the store, but I really couldn't pass up the price. The containers below were the first thing to catch my eye as we drove past the overflowing pile last night and I then determined to see what other goodies would lay in store.

The whole list turned out to be:
Glass containers
Unopened christmas paper ( I am planning to do metallics next year too!)
2 Birthday bags 
Party Decorations
Green comforter
Evergreen comforter
Shelf with hook
Toy Castle
Child's computer
Metal organizer
Mini food processor
Phonics program
Pop-out playhouse
Computer cables

Don't be ashamed to dumpster-dive. It will probably be worth it.