Friday, October 31, 2008

Jumping ahead

Here I am, unable to decorate for fall until the temp was below 70, and I am going to post about Christmas wreaths in October. I have a good reason though. 

Next weekend is a Christmas Bazaar and I will have a booth. I am a little anxious, but all the preparation is keeping me too busy to worry about it much. 

 I welcome any advice on organizing and managing a booth. It's definitely helping me look forward to the winter holidays!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Making the most of it

What to do on a cold, rainy Friday, but bake bread?

Now I need to clean. But that should go quickly as I look forward to chilli and the yummy bread for dinner!

Hoping you can enjoy your Friday, especially if its rainy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Babies, Weddings, and Anniversaries

October is usually a busy month for us, but it has been especially busy this year. At least we were not moving like we did during the Octobers of the last two years.

During the first weekend a friend and I threw a Baby shower for another friend from church. Emily is expecting for the first time and there are two!  Two boys will be arriving around the end of November if God decides to keep them in that long. She is doing well so far and we had an enjoyable brunch on the morning of Saturday the 4th. The theme was 'two peas in a pod' and Christin made the cutest peas by wrapping two green gumballs in green cellophane. We played a 'guess what's in the diaper bag' game by putting the items in a black bag and trying to guess by feel. 

The next day was the wedding of my good friend Megan. We drove to Columbus after church and picked up my sister from college on the way. It was a beautiful day. They had a very traditional ceremony and a reception about 20 mins away at a country club. The attendants were in strapless chocolate dresses with cream sashes and the flower girls wore cream flounced dresses that matched Megan's in style. 

This past weekend Rich and I celebrated our third anniversary (which was on the 8th).  We had a very full schedule for a Saturday on our own (Mom and Dad came to watch Jaren). 
Our first stop was the Frank Lloyd Wright, Westscott house in Springfield. They gave a very nice tour but we could only take photos outside. So you will have to go for yourself to see the interior. The house is fully refurbished to it's original beauty and is celebrating its centennial. 

This piece was not on the original build but was found with part of the plans. It is a birdhouse and is Rich's favorite part of the house.     

This is the garden in the rear of the house, enclosed with the wall and screen. 
This shows more of the lawn.
This is not the front of the home, but the entrance is on the left side of the building, along with the birdhouse and Mr. Westscott's bedroom balcony. The two servant's rooms are on the right with the bath in between. The library is on the left and the entry in the center on the first floor.

This is a shot of the side street with the garden wall and garage (Mr. Westscott made luxury vehicles).

I thought I had uploaded more pics, but I guess you will need to look at the website to see the front of the building. With windows all way across both Mr. and Mrs. Westscott's bedrooms, the house is a beautiful example of Wright's work. 

Here is Christin and my work on brunch.  Set up at church.
Mini cupcakes to represent the sweet peas Jon and Emily are expecting.

And finally, here are Megan and Tom Minturn. Right after their first kiss.

I thought this was so sweet
A very pretty cake. You will have to watch 'Fireproof' for the salt and pepper shaker analogy.

Our October does noot look  to be slowing down any time soon. Rich will be 26 tomorrow and we have the church harvest party to help with. Plus Jaren's Reepicheep costume to finish and the November Bazaar to be creating for. Its a busy season, but I adore it!