Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everything Has It's Space

This is the first room in our apartment. In a small space you make do. And for my mind I need everything to have it's own place, or I will really lose it. So I'm sharing how I have divided up our living space.

This part of the room is the TV/sitting area. 

To the right of the doorway is my crafting/sewing table (made from a piano!)
As we continue moving to the right, here is the library section.
Then the entry, I must have a place to drop what I need to right by the door. The coat hooks are working out nicely in that previously empty space.
Then we have the office  area with my inspiration board and finished work. Husband is working on money matters, I'm so blessed that he enjoys the numbers part of things.

And here is the full picture. I love having a ceiling fan. It happened to match our decor so well too!
And here it is from the other side. I have gotten the urge to move things around every now and then but I wonder if all these areas could ever work so well in another way.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Coming Soon

A Baby girl will being arriving at the English household very soon (maybe even this weekend!). The shower was last night and given by the ladies at church. I would say there about 50 women there, and many high school age (it was nice to see young faces and to know they took time out of their busy schedules to come). 

Arlena gave me some patterns that she liked and I managed to put together a jumper and embroidered a onesie to match. 

They are dog people and I found this pattern in a book called sublime stitching. I added the purple bow to make it more girly.

 I'm looking forward to seeing Annalise in her dress this summer!