Friday, October 31, 2008

Jumping ahead

Here I am, unable to decorate for fall until the temp was below 70, and I am going to post about Christmas wreaths in October. I have a good reason though. 

Next weekend is a Christmas Bazaar and I will have a booth. I am a little anxious, but all the preparation is keeping me too busy to worry about it much. 

 I welcome any advice on organizing and managing a booth. It's definitely helping me look forward to the winter holidays!


Tess said...

Yay! Christmas decorations! I've been listening to Christmas songs while cleaning the house these past few days... That's the only thing I can do to get me into the Autumn/Winter mood since the temperatures are still pretty warm in my opinion...

I can't wait to hang out tomorrow! :D


keeper of the chocolates said...

how exciting! i admire you! i have yet to brave the holiday craft faires. best of luck and blessings to you! your wreaths are so sweet! i would buy them all up if i could!