Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Christmas tree, a Christmas tree?


We're trying to decide if we should have a Christmas tree this year.  The other option is a garland over the two windows in the living room with the ornaments hanging from there. The reason is because of space. We got a new dining table and the kitchen table moved into the living room and became my (long awaited) sewing/craft space. Can I spare the table to the garage before Christmas? ( I am making almost all the gifts this year )

For some reason I could not find any photos of the ornament garland idea online. I think I might like it. 

BUT. It is Jaren's 2nd Christmas and he is enjoying the trees and lights at other peoples homes. Should we have one for his sake?

I like these small trees on tables. I just don't know if I can spare the space. Oh the dilemma

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