Friday, April 3, 2009

This little light

Brightens a dreary day. 
I like this whimsical idea, using a little terra cotta pot for a candle. The scent of this one is greenhouse from Yankee candle. Perfect for a spring fragrance in the house!


Tess said...

Evidently, terra cotta pots are far more artistic than I ever knew... I'm seeing them in craft books, and I like this very cute new idea that you've used as well... :)

I think I may be terra cotta shopping soon... ;)

Anne Marie said...

I do's the little things isn't it?

I had a little time look around your space and I think you and I could sit and talk for some time! I too am a stay at home mom to 5- and I adore our farm...and life!!

Stop on by anytime~

melissa said...

I love this idea~it is so warm and welcoming! I'll have to remember the scent name~it sounds divine!