Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just a block away

Down the street and around the corner sat a bookshelf on the curb. I drove past it twice and waited till an opportune time (when husband was with me) to pick it up. It was heavy.

There were tons of stickers on the side. Regular and car bumper ones. A hairstylist friend told me that vinegar was a stripper so a spray of that mixed with water, let it soak in and they came off pretty well using the ice scraper (only thing I could find quickly to use).

I had been wanting some more grown up shelves for Jer Bear's room. The baskets in the changing table were working but there wsan't much room for him to use for toys. Plus the pajamas were getting out of control. I took the pic after removing all his pants from the top shelf.

Three cans of blue spray paint later. Lots of room or clothes and toys! One afternoon and that gets checked off my list for the cost of paint!

You can check out more projects at Kimba's for DIY Day!

P.S. The same house provided our sled last winter. If they give us anything else I may need to write a thank you note for the great discards!


Tess said...

So, so cute Lauren! I love to see all your projects... and I love that you're posting regularly again! :)

Jennifer said...

Yes! I love finding free furniture!

Sara said...

Great find and wonderful transformation. Sure makes getting all your "necessaries" a lot easier!