Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I should have done this years ago

I finally made a list and Not just any list.

I've had projects from the last year left unfinished and constantly jumping into my daily mind's to do list. So I finally wrote that list down! This has made a huge impact on my concentration and daily work. Plus I got four of the projects crossed off in the first week!

So here is my list:

Ruthie's Bag (yes Cassandra, over a year later I am still planning to finish it)
Cross stitch
Soap cover
Heart cards
Shelf over stove
Drawer Pulls

I couldn't believe what a relief it was just to get the list out of my mind and onto paper. I was able to remember more immediate things and not have these running around every hour. And heres the kicker, this blog was supposed to be postings about projects I was working on. Now I can actually post some finished projects!

So here we go! I got four finished last week. here are some pics.

The Shelf over the stove

Includes brackets and riser board from Lowes. Two coats primer and one of semi gloss. It would have been much easier if our walls were flat.

The birdhouse that you see above I got at a garage sale this past summer and origianlly looked like this.

It was cute, I knew it needed a future with new paint.

Next Up, Drawer pulls.

I got this dresser off of Craig's list but never took a pic of its originial funkiness. If you wanted asian look, cool, but thats so not me. So here it is painted and finally has the pretty knobs (or handles?) that waited so long. I needed a different drill bit.

The knob/handles are from Target.com. Wow, did I have a hard time finding some that I liked (but thats usually the case with me).

And finally here is the one I'm really kicking myself about. Our bathroom mirror. We had been living with this for two years!

and it now looks like this. What a breath of fresh air and in our tiny bathroom it really makes a difference. The paint is the same as all previous projects.

So thats my first week roundup. I'm sure to be adding more projects to the list and will be staying on track for the blog with updates!


Tess said...

If I was reading this note on Facebook, it would say "Tess Wheeler likes this." :D It's cool to see a Lauren blog again...

What a great accomplishment to get 4 projects done in ONE week!! That's awesome...

I LOVE what you did with the birdhouse... it's adorable! You always make me want to be nesty when I read your blogs... :)

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Hi Lauren,
I saw that you visited my blog. I'm honored :) I love that tray (?) hanging over your stove. Very cute.
And your silver spray painting reminds me of my daughters, who are both refinishing and restocking new houses on a budget. I take full credit for teaching them the miracles of spray paint.