Monday, September 8, 2008

Checking Out

Here are some titles that (because I can't afford to buy them right now) I will check out from the library again and again. I hope I'm not breaking some unspoken library courtesy rule about not renewing library books as many times as possible and then checking the book out again. But these, they are just too wonderful. So I will have to risk the disgrace. 

This is a book I saw on the first visit to our small town library and loved it immediately. It is by Cheryl Mendelson who returns to her homemaking basics, learned from her Mother and Grandmothers, after years as a lawyer. I appreciate her unabashed respect for the art of homemaking and thorough research, even in this modern woman's day, to create a completely comfortable home.

While I haven't used any of these incredible recipes yet (and I really need to get on that) I about drool over the beautiful photography. The preserves have a huge variety (I had never heard of chutney before) and include very interesting herbs, spices, and suggestions for gifting and serving. (did you know that pickled red cabbage can be served cold or hot? Well I didn't.)

 So those are a couple of the books I have enjoyed very much, and you may too.

Enjoy the day, wherever you may be!

Psalm 118:24 
This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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Cara said...

Not to worry about library rules! If someone else wants the book, they can submit a rquest and a hold will be placed. Then, when you try to renew it, you wont be able to.

Not using the library is worse. The ultimate re-use situation!