Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finished Projects!

So we cleaned out our garage and it showed me what I had hanging around to work on.
Following are some lovely before and afters (well I think so anyway, its so great to get them finished!)

I found this chair in some ones trash pile. The tacks were pretty easy to take out.

One coat of primer and two coats of paint later I realized that chars are hard to paint!

The frame was a last minute garage sale find from last year. I think I paid 50 cents. But all good DIY blog readers should know that any chunky frames should be picked up so thats what I did.
Not knowing that How About Orange would post something to fill it that would be pretty and practical!

I used the same paint that I had used on the chair and the dresser but since I had been jaded with the whole painting experience I went for the whitewashed look. that worked great since there was still water in my brush and I wanted to show off the details. The page didn't fill the frame so I put some muslin I had a remnant of across the back. I'll say its decent. Now I just need to find a bit of wall space for it. The calendar may have to move.

Hooray for finished projects!

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Kristina said...

How nifty are you? Love what you did with these!
Kristina J.