Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adventures with food

Here are some of the results of recent attempts to preserve, grow, 
and throw a dinner together while grocery shopping.

This is Strawberry Jam that I made with Cassandra (friend from church). She pretty much walked me through it and let me use her jars. We made regular and sugar-free. I think I like the sugar-free better. They are all such lovely colors!  

Here we have the sugar-snap peas I harvested a couple weeks ago. they were growing in containers on the steps by our kitchen door. It was so fun to go and twist the new tendrils around the string and see them grow. I have only seen a couple of flowers on the plants since, and wasn't sure whether to expect any more to grow.  We ate them sauteed with Arlena's onions and rotini. It was a lovely summer supper.   

Finally, here is the dinner brought together by necessity. A Sam's Club rotisserie chicken, WalMart 'sourdough' bread and Campbell's tomato bisque. Ten minutes after walking in the door, dinner was served!  that bisque was yummy too! I think I will go for Panera the next time I want a real bread bowl. But it fulfilled the need and even Jaren enjoyed it! 

I have been trying to do better with my photography. Helpful tips are welcome! 

This post made me hungry, I'm off to finish up some Trader Joe's red pepper hummus.



Tess said...

So, this blog is pretty much AWESOME... :) AND, might I add... the photography is beautiful! Very magazine-like! Can't wait to see your upcoming blogs...

Tess said...

Haha... I meant "upcoming posts"... :)

Kelly said...

I will enjoy reading Lauren!! :-) Keep it coming!!

(I like blogspot way better than xanga too!)