Thursday, July 24, 2008

Small Town 'drive by'

Here is my first attempt at a 'drive by', as Melissa @ the inspired room calls it. I thought I would show you what small town Ohio has to offer.  I was surprised when I moved to our 'village' and got to have a good look around, by how many lovely homes are in the area. This is nice since we are starting to look into buying soon.

This first shot is of a large brick Victorian. It sits up on a rise and is so pretty sitting out of town. I couldn't slow down very much because people were accelerating up to 55 by then.

I really like the curve of the porch and the arch over the pretty green doorway.

This is the show stopper, right in the middle of town. They change the entire decor of the exterior for every season. I will have to remember to post some photos at Christmas time.

I have always liked the bold, strong lines on the face of this home. I also think they did a nice job adding the iron fencing along the stairway.

*Sigh* so pretty. There are four tall evergreens across the front of this property. I've always liked this one.

The decorating here is impeccable.  There are sweet places to sit all around the front porch with a nicely trimmed lawn. The rooms inside are just as lovely (from what I have glimpsed through the windows).

It was so nice of the village to repave the roads before I took my pictures. ;) I got some more  shots today so hopefully there will be more homes to see tomorrow!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I would move right in to any of these gems!! I really love the one you call the showstopper. I'd love to get a peek behind those doors. Thanks for the tour!